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Fume Ultra Double Apple – Disposable Vape Flavors

Fume Ultra Double Apple - Disposable Vape Flavors

The Fume Ultra disposable device has a puffing capacity of up to 2500+ puffs and has a comfortable mouthpiece. It is a perfect choice for regular vapers.

A captivating fusion of crisp red and green apple flavors invigorates the palate. Berry boldness electrifies the taste buds while a sinful creaminess balances everything out for the perfect finish.

Double Apple

A delicious fusion of two apple varieties dazzles your taste buds with a crisp burst of freshness. The natural sweetness of ripe red apples complements the tangy essence of green apples for a balanced and harmonious flavor profile.

Enjoy this mouth-watering e-liquid in the Fume Ultra disposable vape device. Each pod comes pre-filled with 8ml of e-liquid and boasts a massive 1000mAh battery, providing 2500 strong puffs.

This vaporizer is easy to use with its draw-activated mechanism, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors without any hassles. The Fume Ultra device features 35 unique flavors for heavy smokers, with a high puffing capacity and an anti-dust silicone cover that keeps the device healthy, hygienic, and clean. The mouthpiece is also designed to prevent accidental leakage and e-liquid spillage.

Black Ice

Fume Ultra Double Apple is a captivating flavor that captures the crispness of two apple varieties to create a harmonious blend that tantalizes your senses. This refreshing vape delivers a burst of luscious red apple goodness with every inhale, transporting your taste buds to an orchard brimming with ripe, juicy apples.

Black ice is a dangerous form of ice that forms when rain or snow melts and freezes again, creating a layer that’s less solid than regular ice. It’s often found on bridges, overpasses, or in shaded areas.

FUME Ultra is a compact and pocket-friendly disposable that offers 2500 puffs, a large 1000mah battery, and a pre-filled 8ml pod of mouthwatering e-liquid flavors. It’s also available in several other amazing flavors to suit your preferences.

Lush Ice

The Lush Ice flavor has a refreshing and cooling taste that will rejuvenate your senses. The sweet and fruity taste of watermelon comes together with a menthol sensation to deliver an icy delight.

The flavor is balanced to ensure that the sweetness of watermelon doesn’t clash with the menthol taste. This combination creates a unique vaping experience that stands out from other fruit flavors.

The Vice 2500 disposable pod device from Puff Bar is a convenient and compact vape that delivers mouth-watering melon flavors and a cool menthol kick on every puff. It has a large 1000mAh battery and is pre-filled with 2500 mouthwatering puffs of e-liquid. This pod is also equipped with a 1.2ohm non-replaceable coil that guarantees dense flavor and a smooth throat hit.

Cotton Candy

A staple at carnivals, festivals and theme parks, cotton candy is a spun sugar confection that’s loved worldwide. Also known as fairy floss, it’s a sweet treat that can give you a boost of energy.

Cotton candy can be made in various colors and flavors — some even have different aromas. The sugar mixture is heated to 320 degrees and spun around a spinning device that’s held on parchment paper. This helps the cotton candy retain its flavor and shape.

Quality control starts with testing the incoming ingredients to ensure they meet specifications. Then, the finished cotton candy is tested for appearance, texture and taste by a panel of experts. You can vape this incredible flavor with the Fume Ultra disposable that provides up to 2500 puffs.

Strawberry Mango

This tropical fruit flavor satisfies your sweet tooth on an entirely new level. On the inhale, juicy melon flavors ooze a plethora of refreshing sweetness over your tongue. On the exhale, crisp apple notes emerge to create a mouthwatering sensation that will leave your palate wanting more.

A beloved veteran of the vaping world, Cotton Candy delivers a rich and luscious flavor profile with a balance between sugary and creamy. This flavor is sure to please your taste buds and make you want to vape all day long!

Fume Ultra disposables are simple to use and come pre-filled with 8ml of our best e-liquid flavors. With a remarkable 2500 puff capacity, this device is perfect for beginners and heavy vapers alike. This convenient device also features a draw-activated mechanism, allowing you to vape without pressing any buttons.

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